TSA Risk Management Support Contract Awarded to BayFirst

Jul 30, 2007 by bfsadmin Category: Archives, News

BayFirst Solutions has been awarded a contract by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to provide risk assessment, analysis and management services in support of aviation security requirements outlined in Homeland Security Presidential Directive 16 (HSPD-16).

BayFirst, with ABS Consulting as a partner, will work with TSA to conduct a detailed assessment of risk in the Air Domain, focusing upon evaluating DHS’ and TSA’s layered approaches to aviation security. The risk assessment will utilize a Government Accountability Organization (GAO)-approved process that incorporates the identified threats, system vulnerabilities and security consequences, as well as deriving system sensitivities to enhance countermeasures related to protection of critical aviation infrastructures. This risk assessment will then facilitate development of a stakeholder coordination plan to mitigate the identified risks.

“BayFirst and its team are being recognized for its specialized risk management capabilities,” said Elliot Rosen, Managing Partner of BayFirst Solutions. “Our Risk Management team can improve decision making at all levels of an organization. We not only help avoid costs and losses associated with unnecessary risk, but more importantly, we improve our client’s organizational performance and the likelihood of success that comes from taking necessary, measured risks.”

ABS Consulting is a leading independent global provider of Risk Management Services that combines industry experts, risk modeling, practical engineering and technology based solutions.

BayFirst Solutions LLC (www.bayfirst.com) is an 8(a) professional services consulting firm that implements complex management and technological solutions for the US Federal government and private sector. Our core strengths include program management, systems engineering, risk management, and learning services. We leverage the effective convergence of people, process and technology.

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