Coast Guard Vice Admiral shares strategic vision, mission goals in wide-ranging roundtable discussion led by BayFirst CEO Kevin Gooch  

Jun 30, 2017 by Ben Cole Category: News, USCG

On June 20, BayFirst Solutions CEO Kevin Gooch moderated an executive roundtable luncheon hosted by the Homeland Security and Defense Business Council. During the luncheon, Gooch led a wide-ranging discussion with U.S. Coast Guard Vice Admiral Sandra L. Stosz, Deputy Commandant for Mission Support. 


“Vice Admiral Stosz spoke extensively about the strategic priorities and mission goals for the U.S. Coast Guard, as well as sharing her personal experience as a USCG officer and her early days at the Academy,” Gooch said.  “BayFirst has been a proud member of the Homeland Security and Defense Business Council (HSDBC) since early 2016, and we are especially proud of the work done to strengthen government and industry partnerships in an effort to ultimately make the nation safer.”


“Many BayFirst employees have some experience working with the U.S. Coast Guard either in a uniformed or civilian capacity. The opportunity to publicly demonstrate our company’s support for the U.S. Coast Guard by leading this important discussion with Vice Admiral Stosz is a reflection of our shared priorities and an affirmation of our future collaboration.”


Founded in 2002, BayFirst Solutions LLC is a strategic management and technology consulting firm that helps government agencies plan, manage and execute programs that enhance public safety and homeland security. 


With clients located across 14 states and the District of Columbia, BayFirst’s portfolio in aviation and marine engineering, acquisition, cybersecurity, and integrated logistics modernization has grown as the company increases its services to the U.S. Coast Guard and other strategic defense agencies.


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