BayFirst SVP Tommey Meyers participates in Coast Guard Reverse Industry Day

Apr 27, 2018 by Ben Cole Category: News

Washington D.C. — BayFirst Solutions Senior Vice President Tommey Meyers engaged around 80 members of the U.S. Coast Guard’s contracting and program management staffs at an April 19 panel discussion as part of the service’s Reverse Industry Day.  Sponsored by the Homeland Security and Defense Business Council, Meyers’ session — entitled “Interpreting Requirements and Responding to Solicitation Requirements: The Importance of Sections B, C, L, and M to the Industry-Decision Making Process” — provided an opportunity for companies like BayFirst to impart industry perspectives to the government on decision-making relative to the procurement process.

“As someone who has been on both sides of the acquisition process – as a program manager, a COR, and a Contracting Officer while in the Coast Guard – and now in my role at BayFirst, it is gratifying to see that there is great interest on the Coast Guard’s part in understanding how industry thinks about and reacts to the language in RFPs,” Meyers said. “More importantly is how they can modify it to truly obtain the products and services necessary for their mission needs.”

Meyers, a 24-year USCG veteran, was named partner at BayFirst in November 2016. He leads the company’s security risk management and logistics teams in support of USCG, TSA, and across DHS.

The Homeland Security and Defense Business Council is a not-for-profit, non-partisan organization founded in 2004 that promotes the collective role and responsibility in the mission of homeland security by encouraging open and substantive dialogue between government and private sector thought leaders. BayFirst joined the council in May 2016.


Founded in 2002, BayFirst Solutions is a strategic management and technology consulting firm that helps government agencies plan, manage, and execute programs that enhance public safety and homeland security. In addition to corporate offices in the District of Columbia, BayFirst teams operate across the nation, partnering with public sector clients to deliver impactful results in the areas of security risk management, network engineering and cybersecurity, aviation and marine engineering, integrated logistics modernization, strategic planning, and acquisitions.

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