BayFirst Solutions announces competitive external referral program

Apr 13, 2018 by Ben Cole Category: Careers

BayFirst Solutions announced today a highly competitive recruitment initiative in an effort to meet the human capital needs of its growing cybersecurity and counterintelligence portfolio. Effective immediately, the company will begin offering up to $3000 referral bonuses for qualified individuals recommending successful candidates who are ultimately hired for these critical positions.

“Every time I visit our client sites, I’m reminded about the strong reputation BayFirst has for excellence, integrity, and finding creative solutions to meet our client needs. As we enter a new phase of strategic growth, we are upgrading our efforts to recruit the premier talent in the cybertechnology, counterintelligence, and threat assessment fields. Our clients will continue to have the assurance that BayFirst brings the very best teams to support their mission,” BayFirst CEO Kevin Gooch said.

Apart from the external referral program, BayFirst has an employee referral program to reward current employees for the successful recruitment of new hires that meet the qualifications for currently posted vacancies.

To learn more about the BayFirst external referral bonus program, click here.

To view current career opportunities with BayFirst Solutions, click here.

Founded in 2002, BayFirst Solutions is a strategic management and technology consulting firm that helps government agencies plan, manage, and execute programs that enhance public safety and homeland security. In addition to corporate offices in the District of Columbia, BayFirst teams operate across the nation, partnering with public sector clients to deliver impactful results in the areas of security risk management, network engineering and cybersecurity, aviation and marine engineering, integrated logistics modernization, strategic planning, and acquisitions.


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