BayFirst Employee Spotlight: Peter Estabrook

Jun 25, 2018 by Ben Cole Category: Employee Spotlight

This coming November will mark Peter Estabrook’s tenth anniversary as an employee of BayFirst Solutions.  As a Senior Associate with the company, Peter’s had a front row seat to observe the record growth of the company. He’s a certified Project Management Professional working with BayFirst’s TSA Risk Analysis Division, and he concurrently serves as the company’s Director of Information Technology.  A few weeks ago, we interviewed Peter for our Employee Spotlight, and his answers provide a great perspective on his personal and professional interests, as well as the company’s culture and trajectory

1.  Tell me how you first learned about BayFirst Solutions?  What originally drew you to the company?

Over ten years ago, I was contacted by Jim Fagan.  Jim and I had worked for the same company on a previous contract and eventually went our separate ways.  Several years later, he called and asked me to lead a new Customs and Border Protection development effort. The timing was perfect, and the rest is history.

2.  BayFirst has experienced tremendous growth over the last few years?  How does the company retain its close-knit “family” feel amid this record growth?

BayFirst emphasizes connecting with employees as professionals.  I have always felt appreciated, respected, and valued here at BayFirst. We recognize and affirm a great diversity in our company profile, and that commitment to a culture of inclusivity really allows us to harness the full range of perspectives and expertise that our employees bring to meet every client expectation.

3. Tell me a little about your day-to-day work for BayFirst?  You work on a client project, but also have internal BayFirst responsibilities.  How do you juggle those responsibilities effectively?

I spend most of my time on-site at TSA headquarters on the MRK Center and TSA Agile Services projects.  As the IT director for BayFirst and part of the ISO certification team, I squeeze in conference calls and occasional meetings during and after the regular workday.  Juggling my responsibilities can be challenging but I am fortunate to receive the full support of senior management and my colleagues. I’m provided the flexibility to prioritize and perform tasks at my own discretion.

4.  How has BayFirst given you the resources and opportunities to grow in your own professional life?

Since joining BayFirst in November 2008, I’ve been provided the ability to grow with the company through increased responsibility and opportunity.  BayFirst has a generous benefit program that provides reimbursement for continuing technical and professional training.  I obtained my PMP back in 2011 and BayFirst paid for the required classes and the testing.  The company’s senior leadership wants us to grow professionally, and they’ve committed the resources to make that happen.

5.  How does BayFirst help you manage the work-life-home balance?

I am fortunate that, outside of my client responsibilities, I am afforded great latitude in how I accomplish my various tasks.  Essentially, I am treated as a professional and I respond accordingly.  When family conflicts arise, I have the flexibility to find the best solution for all involved.  I have never felt that my family had experienced any hardship because of my professional responsibilities.

A few years back my mother-in-law experienced some serious health issues that, over time, resulted in her death.  I was able to work around my schedule to be present and support my wife and her father.

6.  If there were one thing that someone interested in BayFirst should know about the company when considering a career opportunity, what would it be?

The one thing is that BayFirst is a fun place to work.  If it’s worth doing, it’s worth enjoying at the same time.  The most successful employees at BayFirst are those who not only care about the end result, but also care about the people and the process along the way.

7.  Tell me something about yourself that your colleagues might not know? Some successful accomplishment? Some life goal?  What’s on your “Bucket List?”

Not to sound like a dating site but I am a fan of Sci-Fi movies of all kinds, I like to work on home improvement projects, and I am an amateur percussionist.

During my career I’ve had the opportunity to work on several cool projects.  I was the lead on a team that designed and implemented a completely digital courtroom for the NRC to run the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste hearings.  I was also the lead on a project for the Department of Justice to design and install a digital capture and recovery system to manage the 400,000 plus immigration hearings that occur yearly.

I would like to do some international traveling to Europe, Asia, and French Polynesia.


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