As part of our long-standing tradition of service to the United States government, we remain steadfast in delivering leadership that is disciplined, innovative and robust.


We work with government agencies to match short- and long-term mission goals with clear and concise business objectives. This laser focus ensures efficiency of purpose and maximizes return on investment.


Our clients consistently expect and deserve our best work. BayFirst’s multidimensional teams bring diverse backgrounds and unique perspectives to the table, to inspire broader thinking and deliver fresh, progressive ideas.


The challenges our clients face are not easy. Our scientists, engineers and project managers step out in front of the most difficult problems, bringing foresight, exemplary poise and seasoned leadership to even the most unpredictable, ever-changing and complex situations.

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  • “From office management to VA contract management, my ten years at BayFirst have been stimulating and rewarding! It’s been a rare privilege to work as part of headquarters staff since early in BayFirst history; then to move onto a contract where I experience satisfaction of representing BayFirst and having a direct impact on service to the client.”

  • “My work at BayFirst has allowed me the ability to impact our Nation’s security and safety using exciting and cutting edge ideas and methodologies.  BayFirst’s teamwork-driven culture has allowed me to make great professional strides by learning from leadership and colleagues’ vast experience. I’ve had the privilege of passing this knowledge onto our junior staff and watching them grow professionally alongside me.”

    GerrySenior Associate
  • “Working with BayFirst has been a great experience! Being in a position to work alongside an incredible group of people, to do meaningful work for our Customs and Border Protection clients, and to drive my career is equally challenging and rewarding. I look forward to future opportunities to have long-lasting positive impact on our clients’ organizations.”

    SamanthaSenior Associate